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Water is actually thicker than blood (a poem)

A large family I have. They genuinely care.

A family that surprisingly knows me better than I at times may think.

They’re always there, even when they really don’t have to.

On a dark day, when everything is heavy and I think it’s better to die,

they brighten it up and help carry my burdens. Death is not an option.

They are true to me,

when I am wrong, they correct me,

for that’s what people who love you should do.

When I am right, they acknowledge it, ’cause they value me.

Yes, family is beautiful.

Part of my family though is not related to me by blood

My friends have become a part of the large family I cherish.

Among them I have sisters, brothers and uncles.

What if your blood family doesn’t care for you?

Don’t cry, the ones that love you now can and will dry your tears

Don’t worry, share your worries with the ones with you now. Why, they care.

Yes, look around, there are people willing and ready to love you

people who would stick with you and die for you if need be.

Just remember, Water CAN be thicker than blood.

I have lived to experience it.

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